There’s a small part of me that remains in the past wanting to do high school over and over again. After graduation, I’ve been reminiscing on all the good and the bad I went through during my four years at Berkshire high school.

After walking across the stage with my classmates I think the reality of the entire situation finally slapped me. – I’m done with school now. Like it’s time for goals, big deadlines, and dreams to begin coming into focus. I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t plan to go full time into college immediately following the summer, but instead to take time off, work, travel, and gain some experience in the fashion industry.

For a final project in school, I chose to research the fashion design industry. One of the biggest things I found repeatedly was that anyone going into the fashion industry can benefit from fashion school, but not everyone who goes is given a job. I guess the same goes for most industries. My goal is to attend shows, and try and involve myself into the fashion show backstage and in the environment.

I don’t know yet which part specifically I’ll end up in, but I know it will be fashion.


The four years I’ve attended Berkshire, I’ve met some really amazing friends. Friends who, during my freshman year; helped me overcome bullying verbal and physical harassment, and also who helped me find my inner self, who showed me the love they had for me regardless & who helped me find the confidence that was hiding in my soul.

I wanted to thank you guys. Thank you for opening your arms and hearts to someone who didn’t even understand himself, someone who was hurting inside and reflecting that hurt on everyone else around me sophomore year. Thank you for taking the time to understand the personality that I developed through time & the sometimes painfully negative sense of humor I have.

My junior year; thank you for giving me space. To come into who I was becoming and to take the time needed to heal the scars left inside of me. Thank you for holding my hand and sending positive vibes when I fell hard; for giving me strength to stand back up & find that piece of my heart that still had love for myself again.

And finally senior year; I met & re-connected with a few really amazing people. To the group of friends I’ve collected throughout high school and who remained with me till the ending of senior year, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This person who sits here today writing this post would not be here if it wasn’t for you.

~ Thank you also, to Berkshires new principle; An amazing inspiring man who received a lot of shit this year. Which, typically shadows over the amazing work he’s done that don’t get much credit. Thank you for your constant encouragement, support, kindness, and progressive attitude for making the school more accepting.

This is not the end. But only the beginning. To my fellow classmates; good luck. I cannot wait to begin a new chapter, and I hope the story you go onto write is full of love, success, happiness, and health.

Xo. Xo. Georgie.

– here’s too the future graduates of Berkshire.

Frozen Erie

I decided not to put a filter on any of these photos because it would fu*k with the natural stunning•ness of me. (Kidding) Lake Erie.

I’ve lived an hour from Lake Erie all of my life and I’ve literally never came up to see it frozen over like this. (regrets) Recently the weather has turned for the hills and gotten warmer with rain. Then again with the freezing weather; so I’m sure that added to the frozen effect. UGH IM OBSESSED- And also, how lame is it that I’m always talking about the weather on this blog. (Rolling my eyes) My Outfit for today is super basic, and just a casual teenager look – ew. My boots are Asos my coat is Abercrombie (the color I’m wearing is not currently available anymore, but they do have a grey one) and my shirt is.. well obviously AE 🙂 A few days ago I asked to go back to where I was working previously. I am so used to making money and having the freedom to spend like a freak, “I’m super good at spending money.” So when I got a text from my friend who still works there, that said she missed me, I literally jumped at the opportunity to go back and just work weekends while I finish my senior service hours. My boss is super amazing and he totally let me come back without any type of drama. I hope you guys like the photos! My sister is literally the only reason I’m able to get theses shots; she’s an icon truly.

X. Georgie

Champion & NASA

As I write this, I am truly ready to be back in school. I know everyone who is in high school despises me for saying this, but my break is done and I’m ready to be reunited with my friends!!! – Recently I’ve taken the advice of some close people and decided to begin following my dreams. I had in the past put to bed certain dreams that seem unattainable. Ie. design. And no I don’t plan to make it my life career to design clothing, but I do want to take up my ideas and see what I can do with them. ~Thank you Olivia. These photos are taken by my little sister and edited on VSCO by myself. – speaking of, I have journals set up on VSCO with most of the photos that go on my blog, with many that don’t make the cut. You can check them out here.This Jacket obviously isn’t made for, four degree weather. But it was decently okay when paired with a hoodie. I’m so obsessed with the patches and little dangling ribbons on the jacket. It’s been one of my favorite pieces and the first big purchase I made for myself when I first started working in August. It’s by the brand Alpha Industries, INC. which makes some other super cool jackets with NASA theme patches.

Outfit Details:

I hope you’re all enjoying the weather (rolling my eyes).

X. Georgie

Give Me A Break

What do people actually do on New Year’s Day? Like let’s just be honest here for a minute, the real parties, drinking, family, fun, all happens the night before and then comes to a close around 2am New Year’s Day. As did mine. – I woke up this morning at 10:30Am following a mind splitting headache, and a craving for Starbucks. My luck.. the car won’t start because Ohio has decided once again to freeze us, With four degree weather all night. This jacket is one of my favorite Christmas gifts; it represents my mood for basically all of 2017, and my feelings towards today, the first day of 2018. My grandmother got me it from Zara. #bless. Xo On December 31st. My sister and I went outside into the four degree weather as soon as the snow stopped. The trees glazed with ice and snow, always match my aesthetic. Perfect for photos. – Until the damn moment a massive gust of wind decided to sway the trees and create an avalanche of snow falling towards us. A complete whiteout. I managed to get a photo just for you 😉 I know that I don’t typically edit my photos to match a specific theme; at least for this blog. But I hope you like the filters and edits done to these photos. I used VSCO and just turned the contrast down a tad. I hope everyone had an amazing new year and holiday season. – And to those randoms who decide that New Year’s Day is a day of partying; stay safe! Make sure you have a (Sober) ride, or call a cab.

X. Georgie.

Boo hoo Winter

Unlike many residents in this lovely small town I live in; I actually really enjoy when the weather decides to freeze us. Growing up in the seat of the Ohio snow belt, I’ve really enjoyed the snow during the holiday seasons. – Though the last few years we’ve had green weather.

The Snow laid heavy this Christmas, which was gorgeous, and also a perfect opportunity for me to wear the staple pieces I’ve purchased for the winter season. Like this Red Coat! I’m absolutely obsessed with the vintage vibe I get from it; growing up I slept over at my Grandmothers house often, and she had blankets that looked and felt very similar to this coat. After reading a post from Gallucks, I found links to a website and Clothing store from England- boohoo Lucky for me this coat was 50% off! And was only $50USD !!! With free shipping to the states! As of the date this post is being published you can still get one for 24% off – $85USD and Free shipping. BoohooThe rest of my Outfit; Jeans- ASOS, T-shirt-HM, My crystal necklace was a gift from my eldest sister.

I really hope everyone had a safe and good holiday; Cheers to reflecting on 2017 and preparing for what will come in 2018.

X. Georgie

Let It Snow

I mean that in all honesty.

So much has happened this week. On Monday we saw our first heavy snowfall in north east Ohio, and it’s been snowing since. Today we had off of school because of the weather, so I decided a photo shoot in the snow must happen.

These photos are taken by my little brother; who is 8 years old. On an iPhone 7s+ – do font judge. Yesterday I made a final decision regarding my current job, and I decided it was morally best for me to quit. There was a very large and personal problem happening at work with one of my coworkers; and I told her that I would have her back. – I won’t ever stand down and just accept what isn’t okay. So my last paycheck will need to stretch for a little while, while I focus back on my grades and finding a better job. I also completed my A.I.R testing yesterday for the great state of Ohio. (I’m rolling my eyes) I needed two more math points in order to graduate- so I’m actually praying, and you should be too, that I got those two points. If not then I will have to begin my 140 hours of service in order to graduate with my class.I love how stiff this photo looks; my dog literally came to me. This wasn’t posed or planned out. — I hope everyone has an amazing rest of the week. I don’t really know what’s planned for the rest of December; but stay safe, and be happy. X, Georgie.

2018 Resolutions?

I’m a big; “oh I’m trash, look at my twin” type of person. I think the casual insults to myself keep me grounded. (Hah)

One thing I will point out before I begin this post; umm, hello.. look at those boots. Asos literally had me drooling when I saw them. They are so heavy and have a little bit of a platform, which makes walking through the current treacherous snow, somewhat easier. (But not all that much)

– Anyway, I feel like every year around December everyone makes a list of resolutions. Last year I wrote on mine: “remove toxic people from your life”, and I can with ease say that starting senior year I’ve removed about 98% if the toxic people from my life. (Ouch, shade.) But this year, I’m documenting my resolutions for you. Hold me accountable, and maybe join me in completing them.

Rant Over. Les go.

1. YMCA Membership; Even though the whole, “I’m getting a gym membership in the new year” is soooo cliché, I actually do really want to join the Y and work on bettering my health and take better care of my damn heart. — side note, my heart rate may or may not have been 114 while sitting in art class a few weeks ago. (Also side note, I was extremely stressed, and it’s not typically that High.)

2. Nurture my G.P.A; with college around the corner, my gpa has been a key staple in my active stress. In 2018 I really need to try my hardest to keep my grades healthy, and my gpa up.

3. Family & Friends; after the conclude of summer, I began working almost everyday and every weekend. – To be honest this was the first week I’ve gotten four days off, since I began working. So a big, big goal for me, is to take more time off for my friends and family! I’m a senior, and I only have a little more time to enjoy that “privilege”.

4. Connect with the environment/Energy; I’m not a big earth person. Of course I am extremely grateful for Mother Nature, and for the environment. I’ve never been 100% outdoorsy. I always used to say I’d rather work in an office building then ever work in the country- but it’s not until I grew up a little that I’ve come to appreciate the cleanness and freshness of the land when you live in a smaller town. — So I’d like to connect and go explore more, find more clean spiritual energy in 2018.

5. Meet New People; and I don’t mean via Instagram. I’ve always been super shy when I first meet people, but once I’m cracked open I’m super outgoing. This has changed entirely. I think that in 2017 I was fully able to come to terms with my inner self, to where I have more confidence in my daily life. This year I’ve met new people and connected. And in 2018 I really hope to continue that; because friends make life better – and connections make life easier. (Think smart)

6. Get Better Sleep; I have bad sleep habits, take right now for example. It’s 10:36pm on a school night and I’m writing a blog post.

7. STOP PROCRASTINATING; I am so damn good at putting things off until the last minute. And my general excuse is “oh Diamonds are formed under pressure”, but that is so in the past. I need to better organize and stop waiting till the last minute.

8. Read more; study, read, learn. In the new year I want to read more, and write more. I’ve always been good at researching and debating. So I want to do more reading in 2018. (My god, if I write the word read one more time)

9. Explore My Future (?) The entire idea that I will begin college in less than nine months is truly revolting. I could puke – right now. Seriously. (Excuse me) – but one of my goals this year is to begin exploring classes and hobbies outside of college that can help better prepare me for my future; ie. taking French, taking Marc Jacobs new online Design course.

10. Remove negative space; and by space I mean energy, mindsets, people, posts, etc. (this one speaks for itself.)

11. Live My Best Life. I’m finished living in the past, where people and their negative comments lurked and affected me when I was at my highest. So in 2018 I plan to leave all of the drama, confusion, aches, and broken relationships in the past. There is no point in holding onto feelings that are toxic. If you can’t fix them now, than I don’t expect to be able to fix them later.

That’s it; for now at least. I’m sure I left off some important ones that I’ll slap myself for forgetting when I re-read this in 2018. But until then, I hope everyone has a happy holiday. And a safe and amazing new year.

Why you always tear me down? Bitch, you know I’ll keep this crown. – Trevor Moran

X. Georgie