Covid & America.

I am, time and time again reminded of our societies inability to stick up for ones neighbor.

As our country was attacked by a global pandemic, it seemed to bring with it, light of our other pandemics. One largely being, our selfishness.

As a super bug traveled inside the seemingly impenetrable Trump boarders, Killing hundreds of thousands of the generations that fought wars for our freedoms, and raised us to be hardworking and independent; we’ve looked the other way. Our country found ways to fight science and blame sides for our inability to contain the killer. When solutions were discovered to fight back, we chose to ignore them. Instead using our liberties as an excuse to put others at risk. Our leaders denied scholars who spent years in medical backgrounds, they denied science, they denied their own blame until they were forced to sit down and lock down. But the damage was already done, and they were too late. As of today, October eleventh; 214 thousand people have died of Covid-19 in the United States alone. And I mean quite literally, they died ALONE.

After working in healthcare for near a year my facility was broken into. The virus was swift and it did its damage in less than one night. The after effects of this virus devastated my second home. The residents who I had been charged with keeping safe, were no longer able to be safe. There was little myself, or my coworkers could do following the infestation. All we could do was wait, hope, pray, and hold the hands of our elderly as they sat locked in their rooms alone.

I have learned that living in a small community does not mean that you live in a community. Because a community would stick together and lift one another up. Instead we are left with empty humans who only care about themselves.

As someone who spent a night working in a covid positive hall off my facility, watching as the people I had taken care of for a year got progressively sicker shook me to my core. The virus that even I doubted in the beginning, sucked the air out of people. Describing the best I can, it was like watching someone drown above water. Their eyes red from their lack of sleep, their bodies weak from the torture that was fighting them within, their mouths dry from gasping in agony staring straight to the celling. The grip of their hands when you held onto them to comfort them, the way their families would if they could have just been there. Then finally. The release after the virus took the final breath from their lungs. Without goodbye, Covid 19 robbed them of their safety, freedom, and life.

I am late to speak out and use my voice.

And this is not a post I ever thought I would write. But today and tomorrow I watch people go about their days. Shopping in stores surrounded by others, wearing no mask. And it makes me sick to my stomach. The pain and suffering my job, residents, and coworkers had and continue to go through everyday. This savage virus is not going away. It will only get worse. And while we continue to argue and fight back on regulations put in place to keep us safe, its plotting its next attack.

If you need to be selfless one time in your entire life, let it be today. When you’re walking into your local supermarket without your mask, think about the generation that would have sacrificed everything to give to you what you have now. Think about the people who cannot control the health they have, who you put at risk by stepping out. Think about children with cancer who will die without their parents if this virus sneaks near them. Think about old man Uncle Sam. He wants you! To be a good American and protect your neighbor.


X. George Fekete @georgexfekete