‘20 in Review.

I’m often found repeating the old British quote; “Keep Calm, and Carry On” in my head. As the year 2020 ended abruptly just 25 days ago, I’m left with nothing but an empty feeling of dissatisfaction.

Last year was meant to be amazing, ushering in a new wave of the roaring twenties, the year I finally turned 21, and that I had intended to travel to Europe in. But as the perfectionist’s once said, “people plan and God laughs.” As the Covid pandemic blew through the colonies of America and the rest of the globe, we were left with devastation. 1.9 million people died in 2020 of COVID19. Most were likely only in the company of healthcare workers when they took their last breaths. Many Americans lost their jobs, and struggled to make ends meet while the virus lurked so quietly outside their doors. Local and small businesses were forced to close their doors and for some this was a permanent decision. We cried and prayed for solutions, for answers, for life & for freedom. But we weren’t heard.

The new era of the 20’s brought with it wildfires that would consume four million acres of California, and 208k acres in Colorado. Natural disasters across America costed our people a painful one billion dollars.

Tension grew in our hearts as we watched George Floyd suffocate on a sidewalk while a police officer kneeled on his neck. Riots burned through cities over night. Forcing everyday Americans to reevaluate and look straight into the eyes of racism and police brutality.

Joe Biden was elected the next president of the United States and with it, Time magazine slapped the faces of healthcare workers & scientists by making him and his VP elect their “Person of the Year.”

People isolated for months on end, feeding their depression, anxiety, and self hatred. We missed out on graduations, weddings, births, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and simple togetherness.

2020. To be abrupt, was a complete and utter fucking shit show. And as We continue to go forward, slowly removing the fallout of the monstrosity, I cannot help but manifest the words of the Queen, to keep calm, and carry on. – To live, evolve, and change.. or die trying.

x George